What do you think of people on Tinder?

Do you apply any stereotypes to people who frequent Tinder? Or are you one of them?
  • They boys are players but the girls are ok
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  • The girls are sluts but the boys are ok
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  • The boys are players AND the girls are sluts
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  • They're all ok
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  • I use Tinder
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Well I don't like to really make stereotypes but I know of one stereotype you can pretty much make of Tinder itself.

    • Tinder should be in Guinness Book of World Records as "the fastest possible way to flatten your phone battery from 100% to 0%".

    • This is very, very true.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Don't use it so I dunno
    People just wanna date so it's cool idc


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What Guys Said 3

  • They're both ok, most just wanna have fun, I see no wrong in that. Sure there are players and sluts, but they're also outside of Tinder.
    I've used Tinder and it's fun. I don't use it anymore but I'll probably use it again.

  • Be careful with them phone apps lot bad luck with them

  • Think all the girls on there think I'm ugly. =/

    • Maybe you are. Or maybe you come off as creepy.

    • Hard to come off as a creep when you can't even get a message in. =/

    • It's all about your bio and photos.

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