A little advice please?

How long would you wait before asking a girl out? I've been texting this guy a lot over the pass three days and I starting to really like him but he hasn't asked me out yet should I be worried?


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  • Most guys hem and haw until she ends up dating someone else.

    Confident guys will ask you immediately because they understand there's no time to waste.

    Should you be worried the guy doesn't like you? No, he probably does. He's probably just a chump who's scared of his shadow and doesn't know how to ask a girl out.


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  • You should wait! I was talking to this guy for about a month ! and he asked me out on a date some days after. Just be patient and don't rush things. It seems like he is taking things slow. The time will come , don't worry. :)


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  • Auum is there anything wrong asking him out?

  • I would just go ahead and ask him out anyway. I don't think it should really matter in this case.


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