How can I prove to my girlfriend I was not cheating on her when this other girl and me went out to eat? Was this a bad thing to do or something?

Last night me and this girl just went to mcdonalds to eat and talk since it's been 2 months since we spoke. My girlfriend walked in but i did not notice her. Then i saw her and she came up to my our table and was like "what are you doing here?" i told her "just hanging out with jasmine since it's been a while". We need to talk now. I went outside and i asked why is she so mad, then she said something like how i should not be going out with someone past 9 pm and that she doesn't really like this girl and she thinks i was cheating on her. I kept telling her i was not cheating but simply talking with her, then my girlfriend left and told me not to talk to her.

Well who has the right in this one? Be honest? The most important thing is my girlfriend talking to me again. Today she only replied to one text, what more can i do? We've been together for a year and she never got this mad at me


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  • I disagree with the girls and I don't think you did anything wrong at all. Obviously, this girl you were out with was a friend of yours that you've known for awhile, correct? If so, you're allowed to have friends and go out to dinner with them if you want to, even after 9pm because unless you're like 8 years old I don't think you have to home by a certain time. I'm all for honesty, I'm a very big stickler for it. So, maybe you could have told you're girlfriend you were meeting a friend for dinner but there in lies the question, which is... did you know you two were going to have dinner ahead of time, like this was planned thing or was this like a really last minute sort of thing?

    If it was planned, you probably should have told her. If it was last minute, then I could understand how it could have slip your mind. Either way, I think you're girlfriend overreacted and you did nothing wrong. it's good for both parties to know where the other is going and have good line of communication and honesty. So, maybe you two should work on that. However, you were at McDonalds and I don't know too many cheaters that are dumb enough to take their mistress to fast food joint where everybody hangs out and you're bound to run into someone you know. So, I think that and how you were up front about everything when she confronted you, speaks you not being a cheater. So, you have nothing to prove. Just give her time.

    • I have known her for 6 or 7 friends, we're both good friend but my girlfriend a bit before wan't too fond of her. In all honesty we planned it the day before to go out to eat, so yes i should of told her but i didn't because i thought now it was ok to just go out with whoever cause i thought we had that trust, so i was wrong for that.

      Lol yeah we went to McDonalds just for a simply meal, nothing special, i take my girlfriend out to fancy restaurants lol, never McDonalds (that is what i'm going to tell her cause i'm going to her house soon with flowers and a card to apologize).

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    • yup, thanks

    • You're welcome :)

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  • 1. In a relationship, who is right and who is wrong becomes irrelevant. It is a matter of what do you need to do to make your relationship work. If your girlfriend I pathologically jealous, you may need to do things to accommodate her unreasonable suspiciousness even though you have done nothing wrong.

    2. You need to decide how important the girlfriend is and whether she is worth all of the accommodations you need to make for your life together to be good.

    3. When deciding how much of her shit you are willing to put up with, remember that she puts up with your shit.

    • thanks for the info. If i can contact her i would love to talk to her but she only replied to one text message. i will get her flowers and i was thinking of just showing up to her house tomorrow

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  • I believe u were completely innocent in this act, but you should have at least told your girlfriend what u were doing ahead of time. And then you could have invited your girlfriend to some food as well. I'm sure your intentions were good, but outside looking in from a gf's point of view, i can understand your gf's anger. :) sorry bud

    • I though she wouldn't mind it in all honesty, we have huge trust with each other but i guess maybe past 9 PM to hangout might have been a bit not right in her eyes. Well i will say sorry but i want her to talk to me again :( what can i do?

  • I think it was a mistake you to go out with another girl after 9 pm, it doesn't even matter if its 9 pm or not. The thing is you shouldn't go out with other girls at any time cause you have a girlfriend
    Even if you didn't mean to cheat on her...
    I would be mad at my boyfriend if he did the same thing actually •••• Just sayin

    • i can respect that. What can i do so she could talk to me. SHould i get her flowers and go to her house? what will work?

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    • i did yesterday things are good now

  • Just continue to be honest and ask to meet and talk about boundaries. It is important to establish boundaries for both sides in the relationship. Also it would be good to let her know what you are up to in the future so it does not look like you are trying to pull one over on her.

    • I though she wouldn't mind it in all honesty, we have huge trust with each other but i guess maybe past 9 PM to hangout might have been a bit not right in her eyes. Well i will say sorry but i want her to talk to me again :(

      She mention sometime ago she didn't quite like this girl but i didn't really take that to heart. I don't want to lose her overall.

  • honestly i probably would too only because of the stereotype put on guys that can make us insecure and protective i think the best thing you can do is reassure her mentally, physically and emotionally and make her trust you more by maybe backing of jasmine for a bit or introduce her to jasmine to show her your not hiding anything

    • i talked to her today and i told her exactly what i told you. it was just a friend and a simple dinner at night we had, nothing more. I told her sorry for not telling her in advanced and she apologized for getting mad at me and said sorry for when she yelled outside. We're both ok now.

      Well she doesn't quite like jasmine that much. So i kinds never introduced them

  • you should of told your girlfriend who you were going to be with.

    • Why i thought this was the modern world shouldn't he be able to have friends?

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    • YES! im so glad :)

    • haha yeah it's good now

  • I guess communication, lack of it. I would say that maybe you had the opportunity to let her know.

    • now that i think of it yeah you're right, i though she wouldn't mind it in all honesty, we have huge trust with each other but i guess maybe past 9 PM to hangout might have been a bit not right in her eyes. Well i will say sorry but i want her to tlak to me again :( what can i do?

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  • If this was reversed all the girls would be calling you jealous and your overreacting and she can have friends too. But since your a guy its. You should have told her what you where doing

    • i did i said i was hanging out with jasmine, but that was obsouly at the table, i should of told her before

  • cheating on her at McDonalds? Like Meg Ryan at Katz Deli?

    It's like religion: you can't prove hell doesn't exist. That doesn't prove it exists. You can't prove the Flying Spaghetti Monster doesn't exist. That doesn't prove it exists.

    Burden of proof fallacy. That's why the D. A. has to prove he accused is guilty. The accused has not to prove he isn't.


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