How can you get a girl to have sex with you?


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  • Well, if sex is all you want, you have to go for a girl that is into casual sex/hookups, otherwise you're boned.

    Step one: Find a girl who is open to casual sex/hookups.
    Step two: Get to know her enough that she at least finds you charming.
    Step three: Present that you want to have casual sex/a one-time hookup with her.

    If she says no, be cool and respectful and tell her that's okay, then move on. If she says yes, bring a condom, find a safe private place, and do the do.


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  • step 1:be attractive
    step 2:confident
    step 3:be fun/exciting
    step 4:get laid

  • There's a youtube video for that; there's also a manual for that; look it up


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