Should I have gone further?

So I took a girl to the county fair and when I saw the pink sunset I said let's go on the ferris wheel. As soon as we got on there I put my arm around her and snuggled, then after a few rotations of us flirting and watching the people on the ground I leaned and just said "Hey" she looked towards me and I lifted her chin up and gave her a short kiss (this was my first kiss so I didn't know what to do) but then that was it and I pulled away and we both giggled because she knew it was my first. We left after that and when I dropped her off we had a second short kiss but this one was a lot better for some reason, I think it was because I was expecting it. Should I have gone further though, stayed a few more seconds on the kiss or what?
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  • Awww sweet :-) youve got plenty of time to pash later.


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  • No, what you did was really sweet. That sounds like an amazing date to me.

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