I met this amazing girl, she said she liked me, then its been 3 months and she won't talk to me or respond to texts what do I do?


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  • Well I guess she might have meet someone she really likes and forgot about u. The best thing to do is move on and forget her. its been three months and that is what most girls do. move on when someone dosent ask them out or get really hurt. so boy move on and try again


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  • If it has been three months then I would just assume that even if she liked you then that might not be the case now. Best thing you can do is just try and forget about her (or at least pretend you have until you actually do)


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  • If she were interested she'd put more efforts in communication, unless she's very shy... well, try a little more, if there's no success then it's time to move on because you'll be probably losing your time.

    • thanks i probably just need to move on

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