Is 5 weeks too soon to ask if he sees the relationship is going somewhere or how he views "us"?

We have spent every weekend together and I have met some of his closest friends.. we have had an amazing time and I am really starting to have feelings for him which is scaring me a bit. He lives an hour away so we can only see eachother weekends... Is it too much too soon to ask how he views us hanging out and whether he sees there is something going on? I dont want to just be a funtime weekend girl...
  • Too soon! Have fun and see where it goes...
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  • Do it now and spare future heartache since feelings are now involved
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  • Five weekends and you are thinking about the 'future of the relationship' question? First off consider what answer you want. Do you want him to move in? Nah far too soon for that. Do you want to move in with him? Or perhapse move down to the area he lives?

    Really you arnt going to get any answeres you like to stuff like that untill you are both emotionally invested. By all means talk to him (as now you are worrying about it, you'll just get more and more stressed until you do) but you are probably going to get an "I don't know" and if you push he will likely run.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't see that it's a bad thing to ask. You don't want to waste time in a dead end arrangement.

    • I dont want to scare him either... how should I frame it?

    • *shrugs* I don't know just ask like... "Where are we going?" You need to get the little gears in his head turning.

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  • Depends on how much time you spend together. At this point I'd give it another 3-4 meets then ask. :D


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  • its too soon.


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