Do I have a second chance?

Well... Im fucked. I met this girl at a party a few days ago and we exchanged numbers. The texting wasn't going well so I decided hey Im a man Im gonna call her. She didn't pick up. In fact she hasn't responded to my text either. The one i sent two days ago. Question is... is this it? Should I give up? Or try getting to know her one more time?


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  • stop ur self right there i jumped to conclusions when i texted a guy i liked from school (the new kid ) and one day i got tired of texting and called him he got freaked out and dated my best friend and to make things worse i confessed how i really felt and started trash talking my friend and we dont talk no more so wait for her if she dosnt text you ater 2 weeks delet her number


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  • Well what happen texting... like details please? Lol

    • What kind of details? Guess Ill just give you the rundown. Well the texting has been sparse. Somewhere between a response every minute or every hour. Not on my end. I always get back in a normal amount of time. She not so much. She hadn't responded to me since Tuesday afternoon so I decided to call her today and ask if she wanted to hangout. She ignored my call. I know cuz well she was posting stuff on Twitter right after I called. This includes her posting "DONT HIT MY PHONE IF YOUR BORING". So yeah the message is probably loud and clear. I hate to give it up just cuz i haven't gotten to know her and vice versa bur if she's not gonna give me a chance to show who I am i guess thats that

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    • I'd say give it some time then come back with something interesting right off the bat not just the traditional hey

    • Dude, this girl needs to be constantly entertained. She's a queen ! Run !
      I bet she's a starfish and expects you to do everything...

  • just give it up.

    • Not what I wanted to here... but you're right

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