I am a decently attractive guy thats 6'5 and 205. I have a great personality and can talk to basically anyone. Why can't I get a girl?

So Im 20 years old and from Memphis. It is a big commuter city and literally the only places that I ever bump into girls are on campus and my work but I just can't get myself up to getting numbers. What would be a good way to approach a girl on campus? I get so nervous and I can't think of anything to talk about when I approach a girl. I really am a nice guy and wanting to have a serious relationship because I've been single for 2 years and I am ready to get back up and try. Does anyone have ideas? I have no idea how to approach this.


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  • You sound really skinny. Perhaps you need to just get out more join clubs and socialize/volunteer

    • I actually am normal, I used to be 270 pounds and muscular and I have just been working my ass off to get where I am. And what kind of clubs? My campus is kind of boring.

    • Outdoor clubs, I would say cut those hours and begin getting your life to a better place

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  • First big advise stop thinking about your negative points start focusing on your positive side like you are tall and so on. You said you are single since 2 years so you answered your question it means you are stopping yourself. MHO me and get more tips

  • maybe because you are too tall, where I live , that height can be intimidating. Girls usually want to date someone 2-4 inches taller than them.


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