How can I be the one for him?

This guy and I have been talking for about 2 months now and I've started to really like him. At first I wasn't too sure but he made me fall for him by proving I can trust him. Recently he's going through depression and is just unhappy with himself. He said he doesn't feel anything anymore. I wanted to give up on him, but I don't anymore. I wann be there for him. I wanna help him get out of this phase. I wanna be the one for him and make him feel something. What can I do? I'm doing the right thing by not leaving him, right?


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  • you should start by taking a deep breath. it means a lot that you are helping him and when he comes out of it he will be more greatful. while doing this just be his friend and be there for him. dont try to intruduse anything romantic till he is out of it completly put ur number on speed dial at the end after all the time u spent with him will make him realize he likes you too


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