Am I over reacting or is this normal?

So Ill make it short and sweet. I met this very handsome guy a bit ago. We clicked. The day after first meeting we went out for dinner. That was amazing never an awkward moment of silence. We are still seeing one another. In person he is amazing and says that he has never met anyone like me. I feel the same way. The chemistry is there. He has potential hahaha but the only thing is that he only TEXT me. He won't call. AT ALL. and he takes hours to reply to my text msgs. Am I over reacting or is this normal? I understand its easier to text in the beginning but not even 1 call?


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  • Calling and men is like ... men and buying shoes... it just doesn't fit and if we do it, we go into the shop. Wear one pair, it fits, and we leave...

    With talking on the phone it's the same to very many men... Some are just not used to it. It comes when you two get closer, eventually you want to call him first so he gets used to it. And maybe hint him that he's "allowed" to call you like ... "...and if you feel like it, just give me a call, okay?"

    If he texts you, don't text back, call him and say what you want to write...

    It's a process of learning ;) But if we get used to it, we at least like to call with "our girl" to be ;)


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  • i know what you mean. I hate that too. every time I meet a new guy all they want to do is text. it sucks. I like to hear a guys voice once in awhile and I like to feel nervous and excited when talking to them. texting is much less intense and boring. I suggest just calling him once in awhile right after he textes u. if he textes you hi just call back and say hey and start a conversation. that's what I do sometimes.

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