Girls, if I was to go on date 1, date 2, date 3, etc with a girl. what are the MUSTS for leaving a good impression?

what are the MUSTS for leaving a good impression, and the little things that set a man apart from the others, so I can give the best impression of myself to a woman... AND why on earth is love so ard to find cause every girl I ever date ends up drifting away or just seeing me as a friend... blah blah blah hahah any pointers would be great!

p. s : I;m confident in my looks, not cocky, try to be genuine and honest and I don't cling, yet I don't become aloof at all in a dating situation. and hey I guess sometimes when things don't go your way it can be a little easy to think there's something wrong with you, like not being funny enough, not being masculine enough, etc... but i refuse to change myself for anyone... and yet i have no trouble at getting a pretty girl on a date but can never work things up to the relationship stage :) yet i kinda feel like THAT guy who no matter what sorta just ends up in the friend zone... do i initiate conversation too much? too little? hmm i dno... i guess i wanna figure out how to maximise the chances of them falling for me as much as i (secretly) fall for them? secretly = i don't give away too much in the beginning cause i don't want to smother them.

SO! i'll start with:
Rule #1: Be yourself
Rules #2: Have fun
Rule #3: Be honest, genuine and engaging in conversation, make a true effort to get to know her as a person.
VERY UNDERRATED RULE #4: If you take her out to dinner, pour HER water first, little things speak volumes.
any more?
Good answers, thank you. but I was also wondering... does it ACTUALLY matter about the whole thing about when you sleep with them? cause I don't mind waiting a little if I like the girl, but apart of me thinks that I wait too long (at least the 3rd date) to sleep with them and start picturing me as just more of a kind friend. so hmm what do you girls reckon?


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  • Honestly, the four "rules" you mentioned are the most important ones. I don't think you should change yourself for anyone. It sounds like you're a great guy, you just haven't met the right girl yet. I can see how it might be disheartening to go on dates with many women but none of them progress to the relationship stage. All I can say is to just not give up though. Keep approaching women and making that effort, eventually it will pan out.

    The thing is, every woman is different and likes different traits in a man. For me, I love guys who can make me laugh, listen to me, and show a genuine interest in getting to know me. Those are some of the things that stick out to me when getting to know someone. It sounds like you know yourself though and have most of the "dating game" figured out. I'm sure you'll meet the right girl at some point :)

  • You practically know everything that you should know. But if you still want some advice them groom yourself properly, dress up nicely, be polite and just be yourself. If she won’t like you for who you are, then she is not worth it.


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