Does he see me as a girlfriend?

I am having such a hard time understanding this guy. Mainly because we have troubles communicating and i haven't asked him where we stand. I thought I was just going to be a hook up at first but...

- he introduces me to all his friends and always asks me to come hang out with them
- he comes hangs out with my friends
- he takes me out to dinner and pays for things etc
- he holds my hand kisses me in public
- we have frequent sex

so it seems to me like he sees me as a girlfriend? But I feel like we barely talk about coupl-ie things and sometimes he barely texts me and we see each other once-twice a week and we always end up having sex when we do meet up... also the very first date we went on we had sex so that's why I have doubts.

We have been dating for over a month now

what do you guys think?

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  • Sees you as girlfriend material
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Anyone care to explain? I really need answers


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  • I'm just going to be honest, I feel like he is only wanting you for sex. If he has not mentioned taking things to the relationship stage yet continues to contact you and when you meet up, you just have sex, then that's probably the only thing he is interested in. I would say, to not have sex with him for a little while. See how he behaves when you don't "give it up" to him for some time. Also, you can always talk to him about this too. Maybe tell him that you want to take things further and make it more "official." See what he says and how he reacts. That would my best advice for you.


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