I em not sure if I should?

Me and my boyfriend been together for two years and he has been relly nice to me and has showed me that he loves me but he has changed a little bit he has been seeing a girl for a month and been saying he relly bussy whit some stuff. The day i saw him at the mall whit that girl he sid she was gust a friend. But i felt like he was lying. Know i been trying to see y he has been spending more time whit her then me. When i asked him for his phone he sid y and i told him if he dosent have to hidde nun he should let me and he changed conversation relly fast. At the time i was about to leave he let me see his phone it was relly dry but it seamed weard cuz his apps and most of his call log was empty and i knew he mustoff cleard some phone numbers cuz the last call was on July 20 from me when really it was August 5 . Is he cheating on me?


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