How to become his girlfriend?

I have been dating a guy since end of may and we meet and hang basically everyday and talk everyday and he has slept over many times and I've slept at his many times. I have met his friends and his co workers and I have met his brother but we haven't defined what we are

When we met his brother it was very awkward because we were on a walk and suddenly met him and he asked if we are a couple and he replied "I guess " so what does this I guess mean?

I am 23 and never had a boyfriend , he is the only one I've dated this long. . he is 26 and I don't want to be the one who brings it up.. what to do?
He said "i assume " not guess


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  • I would think that was his way of saying "yes" but needing your approval to confirm


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  • He probably felt awkward not knowing what to tell his brother since you haven't discussed it yet so he said "I guess". He didn't want to commit to an answer either way incase he upset you. The fact that he didn't say "no" is a good sign, I think. Why not be the one to bring it up? He will probably be happy that you did.


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  • Ask him.
    "Do u wanna be my boyfriend"?


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