What to do when you are attracted to someone, and seens impossible to go further?

Hey friends,

I'm actually taking summer classes, and these last two days I've introduced myself to a girl in my class that's been sitting behind me for the whole summer.
The end of the summer semester is soon, 4 days left more precisely which puts too much pressure on me to handle the situation I'm currently facing.

After having talked to her like twice, I feel really attracted to her. I totally understand that I can't say that I'm in love but everyday that I go home I can't stop thinking about her.

She's dominating my mind like never.

Keep in mind that I never dated a girl, never took a girl's number and consequently never had a girlfriend. This is just too hard for me, I never had enough guts to ask it. Always my anxieties prevent me to move on in life.

I am completely aware that if I do nothing regarding this girl I'll suffer my whole life, and things will never change.

I need your help, your guidance may really be life saving, so to speak.

Any help will be appreciated.




Most Helpful Girl

  • You'll live if you do or if you don't.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Well you could just ask her if she wants to hangout.


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  • Run after it like a champ on steriods


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