How do I play this situation?

Alright well this is going to be little longwinded but I'll try my best to give you an overview.

I met this girl at work, she was amazing. As soon as I started talking to her we both just clicked and I immediately started liking her. Then I found out she had a boyfriend of 3 yrs! I started to give up but them on a night out I saw her and she told me she had all these feelings for me and I told her how I felt too.

The next day I had a gathering at my house and she came over. We spoke about stuff and she told me she was on a break from her boyfriend. One thing led to another and she stayed over... Damn, this is where I let my guard down bad. In the following days she told me she still loved her boyfriend and I got hurt bad. I knew she had made the wrong decision. It was a couple of painful weeks, I was hurt, but I didn't let her or anyone how bad I actually was. I carried on talking to her..

Few weeks later and we were back to our normal ways, flirting and being nice. One night after work she told me she still had feelings for me. She broke up with her boyfriend. She was hurting and I was one of the only ones there for her. We both agreed that we should go slowly ifc anything would happen between us. This didn't really happen because we were so in to eachother. We went on a couple of 'dates' and I saw her a lot and we made eachother so happy. We kissed and had sex like in a normal relationship. However, she always got a bit touchy when she thought that I thought I was her boyfriend, which I never did. We both agreed not to put a label on it yet.

Just recently we had a big talk and we set everything out. We weren't in a relationship. We were only slightly exclusive. We both really like eachother. Everything was cool. Until she told me later that she didn't want a relationship at all. She felt like she had led me on. She said it felt wrong when we kiss and stuff. Not sure whether to stay or go? I just want to be with her,


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  • Are you nuts? can't u see this woman is a player,
    she left her boyfriend for u, so what is the gurantee that she won't leave u for some other handsome guy, leave her dude,
    find another woman for god sake, or soon u will be dumped like her ex- boyfriend


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