Guys, tell me what does he want from me?

We went on a date in April, he then texted me constantly and invited me out for dinner and picked me up from home. We had sex after 4 dates, I pulled off because he didn't want to commit and asked for more time to get to know each other. He came to my place and explained why he needed more time because he had a long 7 years relationship in Ireland... He asked me to use his apartment pool and sauna anytime I wanted, he wanted to meet up after work but I was tired!
We were planning to meet up but he disappeared for the weekend. We talked for days then he disappeared again... I asked if he was attached he denied it and said he was not seeing anyone. He really focused on me and made sure I was satisfied the second we had sex. I was sick of his constant disappear so I cut him off and asked him to return the dvd to me. Two weeks later, he contacted me and told me that he cared about me very much and liked me more than other girls he has met... but he felt he wouldn't be the right guy for me for long term, he wanted to keep me in his life forever... two weeks ago, I told him that I just wanted to have sex with him, he was excited and we were flirting with each other for days, he wanted to meet me on Sunday but I said Saturday... he didn't text me on the weekend and now I haven't heard from him. He's always not available on Saturdays so I think he's attached but why he denied it... I'm very confused... he's not a good looking guy but I find him interesting and very caring. Please help!
but why he said he liked me more than other girls he has met and he's trying to do the right things... I told him that I was okay to just have sex with him with no string attach but he stop texting me... I think he's attached as he's out most Sats. Why can't he just be upfront to me so I can move on easily!


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  • You're his sex toy almost. He's only sexually attached to you. If you cut the sex from him, i doubt he'll stay for longer than 2 months.

  • if all you are after with him is sex be happy. so he goes away if it is only sex with you two who cares what he does. if you want more then just sex tell him my way or the highway. in my case i would likely walk if you told me that because i do not like controlling women.


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