What's wrong with me?

was sort of going with this guy for 5 weeks, just having sex and texting and talking on the phone. I was trying not to get too involved but because he seemed keen and the sex was the best I started getting strong feelings for him. then all of a sudden he stopped answering texts and calling me,i was gutted! I told him I needed to meet him to return things I had of his so he did return my text to meet up, I was hoping we could talk but all I got out of him was he was really busy at work and didn't want to see any1.when I was out 2weeks later I bumped into him, I was drunk and gave him a hard time for messing me around but the whole time I was crying inside and just wanted to snog him.well we did get together that night and we were planning to go to his that was until his ex wife walked in the club! he couldn't take his eyes of her,i know he still talks to her and they are mates because they have 2 kids,but I could see he was still in love with her. he said he just wanted to go home alone then,but I knew he was going to hers.well I gave him the benefit of doubt and left it a week then text him to see what was what, he said he was trying to get his wife back so didn't want to see me anymore, but he only said after I pushed him for an answer. I'm so upset even tho I no he was prob using me the whole time and never really had any feelings for me in the 1st place. why am I still thinking of him an longing for him 24 7? maybe its because iv never really let any1 near me in 3years but he was so keen. can some1 please explain to me why I am prepared to let this person treat me so bad yet if he was to ring now ,3weeks on a would fall at his feet.by the way when we were going out he was always canceling dates at the last minute and always had a good excuse. what the hell is wrong with me?


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  • Sounds like you have no self-respect.

    And the fact that you come online and type this whole story up just so people can berate you and make you feel worse about yourself kinda says it all.


    We all know this guy isn't good for you - so the only reason you keep going after him is you don't really respect yourself enough to *KNOW* that you deserve more.

    I don't know you personally - but your story leads me to believe you have destructive tendancies...

    Guys don't stay with the girl who they sleep with on the side...

    Sorry...we just don't.

    We're using you - and we appreciate your v*gina - but we'll never love you.

    Sorry (not really though)


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  • You're in a no-win situation that you created for yourself.

    You're not "being used". You permitted, encouraged it.

    Offhand, I'd say that you put the sex horse before the relationship cart.

    What to do? Move on, sadder and wiser.



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  • classic case of wanting what you can't have. simple.

    don't berate yourself for it. you're human. now all you do is learn from that experience. never be desperate for a man. set your standards higher. don't be tolerant of a man who doesn't those standards - there should be no exceptions.

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