He could have invited me!

My boyfriend is a tad sad that we can't hang out anymore. I mean we started talking around 12 o'clock this afternoon about hanging out...then he stopped texting me for 3 hours and asked me what I wanted to do and I said Idk...and then he stopped texting me and so I texted him back an 1 1/2 after that and said 'so I guess we aren't doing anything' and he now texts me back at 7 say 'sorry sorry sorry I was outside' (in the snow obviously) and no I told him I really can't do anything and he was like awww :( and all this stuff and if he really wanted to hang out with me he would have not gone outside and played with his gay friends and maybe have taken some initiative to hang out and I even told him I wanted to play in the snow with him...meaning he could have invited me!


I am 16...I know this sounds immature but its annoying!


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  • You are being immature...stop counting hours and realize he has a life outside of you. Have some self-respect - if he doesn't want to hang out with you forget him...go hang out with your own friends.

    What is your question btw? Or are you just venting?


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