Why does he only text me?

OK so I met him online and we have so much in common, we've been talking for about 3 weeks. We went out on a date this past weekend and he already started planning our next one for this coming up weekend. Now we text message each other ALL the time...but...he never calls! I mean we text from sunrise to sundown but no phone calls. Well let me take that back...we've talked on the phone twice, but the conversations have only been for about 20 or less minutes. Should this bother me?...I mean about everything about him is absolutely perfect but sometimes I just wish I could talk on the phone with him at night or something...so my question is why doesn't he call me?...and am I making to big of a deal over this?


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  • I don't think you're making a big deal about this at all.

    I totally feel you tho I am going thru almost the same situation as you. all I can think of is some guys are a little shy to talk on the phone or he might be scared he might know the perfect things to say since phone call are more upfront and with texting you have time to think about what you.d like to say first.


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