Is this a date? Also, other random questions.

For all intents and purposes I meant for this to be a date, however I failed to actually use the word when asking the girl out as it just didn't cross my mind to.

Jeff Dunham is in town on the 28th and I invited her to go see him with me and, time permitting, to have dinner afterwards. She asked what I was going to be wearing, I mentioned probably just jeans and a nice shirt, she said she wanted to dress up and such so I said she can and I'll dress appropriately.

However I talked to her the other day and asked what she was wearing, she said she picked something out but asked the date of it again. And then that just made me think she forgot, didn't care, etc etc, however I could be just overreacting and looking too far into it, she could've just been double checking, or so on. I've been looking forward to it massively, being the first date with a girl I'm actually attracted to.

Did I mention I'm 21 and this is my second date? Yeah. I've been dreading the whole "first date kiss" thing. I thought I'd be clever and take with me a Hershey's kiss candy and ask her at the door if she wants a kiss, judge how she reacts and if it's positively, go for it, negatively, just laugh and give her the candy.

Though my sister said that's kinda lame.


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  • Hiii!

    I'm not sure if she's clear on whether or not it's a date. Unless you guys are pretty close friends already, I'm pretty sure she's going to assume it's a date. And if you start paying for something then she'll be really, really sure.

    She's just double checking the date. She wants to make sure she has it right. I don't hink she forgot. Especially if she claims to have already picked out something to wear.

    The kiss thing... really, just go for a goodbye hug to start, and see how she reacts. If you think you can go for it, put your hand under her chin-- if she keeps eye contact, go for it! If she breaks eye contact, just kiss her on the forehead/cheek, or leave it alone.

    The candy thing is cute, but it also has the potential to be a bit awkward.

    Relax! You're going to have a good time. :)


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