Did she somehow got extremely turned off by me?

Basically this girl and I have just figured out that we like each other, we admitted it a few days ago, but now she's being quite evasive. I'm feeling like I'm being leechy, but I'm also feeling like I'm carrying the idea of "us" by myself. And she had even said that she was wanting to hang out sometime during the break. So I was trying to figure out what day because she only has specific days she is free from work.

(What makes this different is that she is leaving in a few months for an extended amount of time aka 2 years)

Today, I was trying to see if she wanted to hang out, but apparently she had picked up a shift from work, which I can't be mad about. Work is work.

When I got around to Facebooking her, she said that her phone had died, which again I can't really say anything. But then I tried to talk to her about possibly making plans to hang out so that she doesn't pick up another shift by chance. She instantly logged off. (this is what confuses me because she had stopped texting earlier that day when I sarcastically suggested that we plan out a day where we hang out) I honestly am feeling like she somehow got extremely turned off by me or just said something she didn't mean too a few days ago.

And I figured that if she hadn't texted me after she logged off then she intentionally meant to do it.


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  • what you end up doing?


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