How do I get my boyfriend to hang out with me?

How do I get my boyfriend to hang out with me and not have sex. Just go out to lunch and such. I know its a terrible question but yeah.


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  • Next time you two are going to get together, just suggest you go for lunch together. Suggest some casual places, or maybe start of by suggesting you go pick up food to bring home. I think at our age it is key to try to keep dates cheapish so as to not put financial pressure on someone who is a student and might not have a lot of spending money. I also personally think you should always be ready to pay for your own food. Seriously start with something simple and casual, like he might do with a friend. Good luck!


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  • Are you sure this guy is really your boyfriend? He really doesn't sound like much of a boyfriend to me. He sounds like more of a booty call than anything else.

    If he is unwilling to go out with you and only wants sex and will not change his ways, get rid of him ASAP. It is clear he has some issue with being in public with you or even dating in general. I think you could probably find someone that would treat you much better than this, so don't settle for this guy you have now.

  • You should be able to tell him your not in the mood. If he keeps trying even when its clear that you don't want to, then that might be all he's interested in.