Spark during kissing with my boyfriend?

I met my boyfriend a week ago. First everything was fine. I was really happy and things were great. Then suddenly yesterday I started panicking because I felt like there was no spark in our kisses sometimes. At first it was fine but for some reason now I think that something is missing. Sometimes I feel empty/don't feel like kissing. I'm panicking that he's not 'the one' etc. I did this in my last relationship as well. What's wrong with me? Do I just expect too much thanks to Disney? lol

Something to note is I do suffer from depression and I feel empty a lot.


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  • It may depend on the surroundings and where you are or how you're feeling at that exact moment.

    If you really wanna test your Voltage during a kiss, then ask him to come over and watch a nice movie or something with lights dimmed or all the way off with only some candles burning, and make a really romantic atmosphere. If you're watching a love movie or such there might be times where you both are urged to kiss each other. And don't be nervous, it's all good.

    Doesn't have to be at home. Could be outside at a summer night, with the weather being not too warm and not too cold, looking upon the stars, or a sunset.

    You know what I mean? Create a very comfortable atmosphere.

    You'll feel sparks.


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  • It's your fault for watching cheezy princessy disney movies in the first place! But besides that, I don't think that you expect to much. Being depressed could have something to do with it, however you should still feel something while kissing. It's normal for kissing not to feel like the first time every time that you do it. If when kissing you are thinking "this is kind of boring I can't wait for this to be over"... then yeah you might want to think about if this guy is right for you.


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