Is having the first one at the wrong age make it more difficult?

Does missing out on your first relationship in your teenage years make it more difficult when you get older? I mean it is for me but is it like that for others because I left high school in the 9th grade to be home schooled and it seem like I missed so much stuff and a lot of people seem like they don't want to bother with inexperienced people. And for experienced people is that true?


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  • I'll tell you this as an inexperienced older guy. I feel the same exact way man. I missed out entirely on high school relationships. But it doesn't mean you can't be your own man now and create opportunities for yourself. It's a painful rut when you think about all you missed out on, but you can put that time to much better use by getting out there with friends, trying out new hobbies, meeting new people, volunteering, etc.--and sooner or later you'll run into a few nice girls that you can see yourself dating. It's not like you have to tell them you're inexperienced up-front, and the cool girls, the ones you'd deserve to be with, wouldn't even care. Once you're dating, the years of experience will fade into the background and will hardly seem to matter anymore. Many girls would even love the fact that you haven't "been around the block" with multiple girls before.

    Try not to get too depressed over inexperience. I know it burns. Thing is, you can't change the past, but the future is in your hands and you can create opportunities starting today. Today, you can start to change your life. Best of luck.


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  • if someone likes you experience or inexperience won't play a part trust me!