Ladies! Body hair on a guy? Totally smooth or o'natural?

Not talking about pubes, but body hair. Like chest hair, wax/ shave or natural?
Belly hair, wax/shave or natural? Or does it depend on the individual?


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  • Being a guy with a fair amount of chest hair, I find it very age dependent. Most teen girls dislike chest hair because all they see is hairless models and stars, I have found though that as I have gotten older, more girls are much more appreciative of it and actually like it as it is manly.

    Obviously this is not every girl or all true, but this is what I have found.


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  • I don't like belly or chest hair.

  • It depends on the individual and on the amount of body hair. If he has a small amount or even a normal amount of hair it’s ok, but if he is really, and I mean really hairy, to the point you can’t even see his skin, then yes, he should definitely do something about it.

    • You mean if a guy is sporting an all year Christmas sweater, he should trim that yeti look back a bit! Just wondered for all us newly single fellas lol

      Ps I don't know why but I feel I should mention I'm no where near a sweater body hair type thing!

    • Yes, then he should trim his hair. Body hair is attractive to a certain point. And you don’t need to explain yourself :)

  • depends on the individual


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