Should I text or just wait?

I'm currently in a Long distance relationship been about 9 months, he is a single father of 3 and has a very damanding job so most of the time I go visit him. I have no children at home and I can take off when ever I need. So he was going to come visit with the kids this weekend. So last night I texted him to see if they were still schedule to come, I get a text back saying " We will not becoming. Between getting school stuff and helping his friend clean out his parents house (his father just passed) we will not have time to do any thing else". His friend just called him last night and asked for him to help him. His friend has not other family he was an only child. So I did not answer him and I have not hear any thing for him. My question do I text him or just wait and let him text me and does not texting really make a guy want you more. I get very confused about that. I really like him and want a future with him. Please help...


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  • Been there done that
    Easy answer is
    you don't just offer to come & help
    you message him you are already on your way
    and will worry about best lodgings after arrival

  • Not texting him will make him think you are angry or being unreasonable.


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