Girls, anyone who agrees with me?

A friend of me told she had sex after her boyfriend peed in the snow in the middle of the forest in front of her... he said "ew" when she said she needed to pee... she had to pee badly... she waited,... she told me she hated listening to the streams falling down in the snow... I told her " he has no respect for u, because he said "ew" u had to pee really bad... he is so proud of being a boy tho." I told her that she should never have sex with him after he peed, and she said it smelled pee everywhere and she could see his yellow pee left in the snow...


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  • Hahahaha what in the living phuck.

    Wow. Where do people come up with this stuff?

    • HAHAHHA I laughed after she told me... it means she trusts me so fucking much hahahha but still I just find it so gross I don't know ew

  • One word. Ew.


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