Are me and My boyfriend even compatable?

Me and My boyfriend right, obviously most couples do. But he's always complains about how I'm not this and that and wants me to change how I act and change my personality. And he always complains to me about how terrible of a girlfriend I am but if I'm such a crappy girlfriend then idek why we date bc iv had relationships with other guys that went great. But he's flat out said to me that I'm a terrible girlfriend, I think he likes me for who he thinks I am but not who I actually am, he's heard stories about how I used to be and he always says why can't u be like that. It's like he's not happy with who I am. I just feel like I don't know if this relationship is even worth persuing. It's been 10 months but I just feel like it's not a totally compatable relationship.


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  • Go with your feelings on this one.

    If your relationship is allowing you to be beaten down to a pulp then you don't need to be in it in the first place.

    Talk to your boyfriend about the way he makes you feel.
    Clear communication is key.
    If he doesn't change you have to leave.

    It will never work.


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