Guys if you're 27 would you want to settle down in a serious relationship?


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  • I think think that is the age I am looking forward to for sure, I think I have lived free and wild for myself long enough already... I just want a good job and better foundation first.

    • Well let's say he has a great job and he's 27 but told me he doesn't want to bring a baby into this world without having more money. Does that mean he doesn't want to be serious in general or serious with me? Because he asked me if I want a baby right now... So what is he implying?

    • Oh yea, lots of people can be really anxious about having kids before being 100% financially stable, which is cool, I myself want to be a youngish parent, so I'll find a way to make it work. I know myself also, I would not really get married unless I was going for kids, even if I was with someone and I loved them intended to marry them, I would wait to do all that until we wanted a family- so maybe he is thinking like that?

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  • If I find the right person, I'm open to it at any age.


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  • By that time, ofcourse.

  • Yeah, I am open to it.

    • There's this guy I like we spoke about it but he said he can't bring a baby into this world until he's financially stable but then he askes me if I would want a baby right now... I'm 24. I really would consider if it was with him

    • What is he implying? Why would he ask me that...

    • It depends on his job. If he makes over $50k per year then money isn't the biggest issue. The issue would be he's not ready to be a father.

  • yeah , hell I'm 25 and would

    • I'm looking for marriage material too I'm 24 sigh

    • yeah thats the hard part, i am inexperienced but ii dont see the point if I'm not looking for that to

    • goodluck

  • I would consider it. But also would depend on other things.

    • Like what? What other factors?

    • How we were as a couple. How much she loves me. How much she cares for me. How good or bad the sex is. Stuff like that.

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