Should I bother meeting this girl?

I met this girl on whisper, we started talking there and now we are texting each other baskicly every night. I really am starting to ike her.
she's nervous about me because
1. Im bi and her ex was bi and she cheated on her then let her for 1 of the guys she was sleeoing with
2. im experianced
3. Im very close with my friends and we talk about everything including sex
Im nervous about her because
1. I've had the worse ex's ever. I've been sexually abused, threatened with violance, cheated on, and y last girlfriend i met online and she rather then dump me faked her suiside.
2. Im worried im ot good enough for her
Today she tried to pressues me into meeting her tonight but its very cold and i dont want to get sick and im scared of getting hurt again. When I said no she got really upset posted a whisper about me and accused me of being fake and really being a man.
Does she seem like she's really worth meeting?


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  • It's up to you. If you do decide to meet her, have a really frank conversation talking about both your issues. I'm assuming you want to take it slow because of what's happened in the past. Let her know that.

    • I'm bi too, so I kinda understand the cheating part. You really just need to make her feel comfortable around you, and convince her that you're not like her ex.

    • I'm not her ex, I'm no angel but id ever do what her ex did to her

    • You need to assure her of that. Good luck!

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  • I would say no. If she acted like that before you ever meet her imagine the control freak she will be after you know her.

    • I think she's just nervous coz online especially whisper its easy to pretend to be someone your not

    • Then it might be worth meeting her

  • As long as you don't get upset if she were to ever talk to her friends about sex and other things involving you two as well, thats fine. You can't go and do that, and expect her not to

    • I wouldn't but she's not really got a lot of friends

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