How do I ask her out again if last time she said that she was busy?

So last week I asked her if she wanted to see a movie, and she said that she was busy for the whole week. It's been a week now, and Im just wondering how would I ask her again to the movies without sounding needy/clingly over text? Also how should I react if she says that she's busy again or if she's not allowed to go?


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  • Well maybe you shouldn't ask her to see a movie this time. If there's an event happening in your town it might be easier to just casually bring it up and ask her if she's going or not. If you really want to see a movie, maybe you could bring up a movie you've heard of and ask her what she thinks of it. If she wants to see it just ask her, if she doesn't then you could ask her if there were any movies she is interested in seeing and say you could go together.


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