Girls under 25, if a guy is bald at 20 (from a condition and shaves what's left to the skin) does that generally make him plain/unattractive to you?

I'm a 20 year old guy who started losing hair at 17, it was a strange hybrid condition that basically aged my follicles prematurely and made me bald young, there is no treatment and for it and I opted to shave my head cue ball bald (like Bruce Willis or mr clean) rather than look like I'm 40. Anyway I'm a smaller guy and pretty pale but many people say I rock it and new people say they couldn't imagine me with hair. some friends say I look better this way. Anyway to me it was just hair, I've lost more important things in life but I am very concerned what young women my age will think.

And here's the deal; I won't consider you shallow if you couldn't find a bald guy attractive, the truth is looks very much do matter, they do for me too so I won't be a hypocrite and demonize people who want a guy to look good, I admit I have higher standards on looks but I only want one in the end, it's something serious to me, so please be straightforward if couldn't date a bald guy this age, no feel good answers.

So girls, while I realize hair will be the majority's preferance, is baldness a straight up no-go or dealbreaker? Or can a young bald guy still be considered very physically attractive without the hair to you? (And please don't think of model type bald guys, I'm talking you're normal to decent looking guy with no hair) So does no hair/bald generally=plain or unattractive to you? Could you date a bald guy this young or would you hold out for hair? Brutal honesty is the key term. (Keep in mind that I shave what's left of mine if that makes a difference)
  • I could still find a young guy with no hair physically attractive, it's not an issue for me to have a guy with no hair
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  • Honestly if a guy this young has no hair already it generally makes him plain or unattractive to me. I'd hold out for hair probably.
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  • To me baldness is a massive turn off/dealbreaker, it kind of grosses me out to be honest.
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  • I had a crush on my bald teacher one year ago. He is 40 now and still hot as fuck...

    • Okay but realize he is 40 and bald at that age is normal I'm only 20, so while you did have a crush on him you obviously wouldn't have to consider dating him, so if a young guy your age or around it was bald and asked you out would you say yes? Provided you liked the rest of him of course

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    • I know this is after a long break from the site haha, but would you say I pull off no hair?

    • lol my teacher is on my cover photo now

      yeah, you look good :) you don't have to worry

  • It's so hot..

    • Are you being honest? Or is this sarcasm?

    • Are you kidding me? Bald men are sexy as fuck!

  • I don't mind, as long as the persons good looking.


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