What Can I Do To Have A Girl To Hang Out With?

Hey ! Thank you for reading.

I'm 21 years old, and never went on a date.
Therefore, I never had a girlfriend.

I have a lack of confidence, and anxieties issues when I enter in contact with a girl. I tried several techniques to overcome those issues but seems hopeless. I guess I'll deal with it, and try to approach girls as I am supposed to do.

I'm in lack of social interactions with girls, I cannot even ask one's number. I really want to hang out with girls, and have a girlfriend. However, my actual situation that I stated above about my lack of confidence and anxieties make it really hard.

Sometimes I'm able to approach girls, and to talk a little but never had the courage needed to ask one's number, and ask her out.

I can't live my life that way, I suffer a lot from the inside. I feel my life is a disaster on the romantic point of view.

At that point in my life, I see many beautiful girls but now I don't know if I'm attracted to one of them or it is only for my sexual please.

Looking forward for your precious help.


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  • find one that you like and be nice to her.


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