Girls, should I keep going?

I met a girl and we had coffee the day after I got her number. After one week we had our date, which lasted 2-3 hours, and she had a good time. She held my hand and she held my arm as we walked around the venue. We talked, and we shared lunch. After 3 days I asked her out, she agreed but the next day she needed to take a rain check since her relatives came into town. Today I texted her at 8 she read the message but took her hours to respond saying she was busy. Help me with this girl. What should I do with this girl? Should I ask her out another time or just forget about her? A lot of guys do have interest in her and she did give out her Instagram to a couple of guys first day we met. She a little flirty. I don't know, this girl has me confused!


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  • I guess there's no harm in trying :) sometimes people send me messages/text and it'll say that I've read it when I haven't, so maybe that's what happened, she could've been with her family. As for the flirting, you don't want to seem a bit strange when yous have only started dating, so maybe wait a few weeks until you mention that you have a problem with it

  • forget about her.


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