How can you un-like a guy? Or is it even possible?

So there is this guy on my school's running team who is really handsome and sweet. He is also really popular and the top guy runner last year as a junior and i was just that freshman last year who managed to make varsity. He is like my first real crush, but he is like a brother to everyone on the team, and i can't be caught dead liking him. I know i dont have any chance with a guy like that, so does anyone know how its possible to unlike him?
The other day our coaches made us run together, alone... By ourselves through the woods. it was just so peaceful and just as im started to let go of him... I can't stop thinking about him.


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  • You could always ask him out. Better then living with what ifs. BUT if thats too much for you then you just need to go about your life. He's not going away but he doesn't need to be the focus of your thoughts. If you focus on other areas then he will slowly start to slip from the forefront of your mind, and this way you aren't closing yourself off to the possibility of someone else catching your eye.


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  • only time will let you move on.


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  • Get over him by liking a different guy.


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