Does this mean I can "officially" say I've "been on a date"?

Because... yeah... it wasn't really a date. There was this teen dating site and me and this girl agreed to meet up and when she got there (she brought her friends because she thought it would be too awkward otherwise), because she was so shy, etc she actually refused to come inside and sit down and instead as soon as she saw me sitting, walked outside and her friends were trying to coerce her, "Come on, meet the man," and at this point I went outside and I was trying to tell her that it's no big deal (just to be polite), and after about 5-10 minutes of this going on (of her not even looking at me and all this nonsense) I had had enough and declared that I have to go.

Mind you, when I saw her, I didn't find her attractive at all (she did that trick where she didn't show her body online to hide the fact that she was vastly overweight) and I figured, okay, I don't think I'm going to continue dating this person, but just chat for a bit to be polite (which was the intention from the beginning anyway). She was also absurdly clingy and needy, beyond imagination. A few hours before the date she kept asking, "You want to go out?" as in asking for exclusivity and saying things like, "I'm scared you won't like me."

Yeah, no offense, but she was a nutcase because when I had tried talking to her, she had practically NOTHING to talk about... and I was trying pretty hard to get her talking and start a conversation. Half of the time, she was just doing this annoying laugh or shreiking, and yeah...

Well anyway, if I am asked the question, "Have you ever been on a date?" would the correct response be "yes" or "no"? Just asking for technicality purposes. Like if there was a poll exploring the devolopmental timing of first sexual and romantic experiences, and there was a question on the survey asking if I had ever been on a date, would the correct response be "yes" or "no".


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  • Hahahaha awww that's so sad that it didn't go as you planned. I feel you, my first date was so awkward and terrible! We went to the movies. And when I finally met him, I did not find him attractive at all! Yeah, we hugged when we first saw each other but literally he did not speak after that!

    After the movies, (like 1 hour of awkward hand holding) we sat in the food court and had small talk it was so bloody awkward! He later went on to tell me that he was shy and hadn't dated for a while. That was his excuse lol

    But yeah as for you, it was a date! So yes! As terrible as yours sounded hopefully they will get better in the future goodluck!

    • Well, at least your date lasted... you know... longer than 5-10 minutes and didn't consist of unduccessfully coering them to even come inside and sit down. lol also as I said, my date was a nutcase.

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  • yes yes yes.


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