Women what type of guy has a good personality, is outgoing and has confidence but remains chornically dateless and?

constantly rejected? What type of guy would you say this guy is? He's also a good convo starter and he doesn't just go after a specific type of woman, he's very well rounded in his selection of women to approach. He also follows advice to the tee.


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  • He might not be attractive then. It's not like looks don't matter at all.


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  • Some examples.
    A guy that doesn't meet enough women could be chronically dateless. He could be only be meeting incompatible women because he doesn't know what women to look for. He could be actively asking out the wrong women. He may be clueless to what women are attractive to him as he may be bad at picking up the right vibes. He could also be seen as a 'loser' to those women. He could give women the wrong vibe. He could be bad at asking out women. The list goes on.


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  • a guy who is seen as a pushover.

    • Confident guys wouldn't be a pushover. Try again.

    • She didn't say the 'guy' is a pushover, but he looks like a pushover or gives such a vibe to women. A person could look confident, but they can be faking it.

    • There's no such thing as fake confidence. That's just a politically correct lie to cover up the fact that the guy is unattractive looking.

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