Should I go see this girl?

Should i do this? I met a girl a couple of months back whilst we were both travelling that i think the world of. I'm in my mid twenties, i have been around enough, and since i last saw her i have been with other girls, but i still think a lot of her. She is back in the country that she lives and i am looking at going home in a month. We speak every now and again but i want to see her. The last time we spoke i said i was catching a plane and she said to where? To see me? Blah blah blah and that i am very welcome to go see her. My question is should I? I want to and it wouldn't cost hardly anything more and it would be nice to see the country too, as well as her. Only positives can come from it. But the thing is at this point we can only be described as friends, if i go over, im going to test the waters and probably make a move to at least let her know i like her. Should i tell her beforehand like look, im coming over, i want to see you, when is good? or just be like im coming over, are you free, want to meet up? She can say yes or no. If yes, great... If no, well on to the next one i suppose. At least i will have found out the answer from her. My question to you lot is whether to go? She may well be leading me on. And if so whats the better way to let her know... That i am going to see her? Which when said, could come across as either very romantic or very creepy haha... Or that i am going to country X, lets meet up? Which she will probably smell as bullshit and interpret as me been scared to say what i really want, which is to see her. Im thinking just tell her i want to see her and go. What you think?


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  • go for it.


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