Girls, So I asked a girl out (we're somewhat friends) and she's pushed it back a couple times, should I tell her not to worry about it?

To be clear we've already been on one date and we are clearly at the very least friends, I honestly really treasure our friendship...
but here's the thing...
and that's why part of me wants to just tell her, "I want you to know it's okay if you don't want to date me, we can be just friends and Ill have NO hard feelings
i just do want an answer and I don't want to harass her for dates if that's not what she wants... For the record I do think she was probably bust..
but I also am afraid that may come off as needy or pressuring should she be legitimately busy...
oppinions? Lol


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  • I would just let it go. She pushed it back twice, she knows you want a date. The ball is in her court, if she wants a date, she will ask for it. If you tell her that it's ok if she doesn't, it'll make you look weird and needy. Just stop mentioning the date altogether.

    • Okay I getcha.. Lol I just hate the whole date scene, how me honestly telling her that she doesn't have to feel pressured about her choice because we're friends can sound needy and junk.
      That said, we're both artists with dumb schedules, so I do legitimately think she may have been busy, and even her closest friends have mentioned her mind drifts in terms of remembering get togethers, so I'll still ask another time.

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  • Everyone is so scared of coming off needy, don't be. I think it's best instead of wondering to state your feelings and not drag things on. That way your not wasting your time and can then move on to dating someone who can't wait to go on another date with you.

  • I think that the straightforward approach is best. Less feelings get hurt.


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