Would you consider going ice skating to be a good first date?

I'm not the best at ice skating, but i can hold my balance well and can go quite fast. any good for fisrt date?


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  • I would love to go ice skating for a first date. That would be so much fun.

    • i thought so, but if my date can't ice sakte for shit, what do i do? i can't teach her since i'm not good enough to hold the balance for 2 xD

    • You can both learn together! My ex wouldn't take me ice-skating for V-Day and I was super upset because I love to ice skate. Ice skating is ahh! I can't even describe my feelings for it, haha. Just go and have fun. It's even better if you guys have to learn together. No shame at all. :) I have the worst balance, but after five minutes on the ice, I'm a pro. I can skate backwards, forwards and really really fast. I'm the biggest klutz ever and so uncoordinated, yet I'm super good at sports... don't know why. You'll get the hang of it. Don't worry, just do it! :) Good luck on your date!

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