How can I gain his trust back?

Ok so my boyfriend and I will be together 3 years on the 22nd. Then my friend who I've been knowing since I was 15 I've known my boyfriend since then also only thing me and my friend was friends before me and my boyfriend became friends. Fast forward to know mr and the guy are still friends and me and my boyfriend are together. Yesterday day me and that friend hung out with other people and was laughing and just catching up since we haven't seen each other in 2 years all of sudden that friend kiss me and told me he's in love with me. I told him that was wrong and shouldn't do that because he knows I'm in a relationship I even asked him how would he feel if I was with him and my boyfriend was him he said he wouldn't like it. So I told him don't do that so I told my boyfriend that he kissed me he got upset and broke up with me a few hours later we got back together he said he doesn't trust me anymore cause I didn't listen to him about stop talking to him. Sorry it's so much


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  • You should tell your boyfriend that you were honest enough to tell him that your friend kissed you; if you were so not trustworthy, you wouldn't have even mentioned it to him. He's definitely wrong to say such things. You should tell him that after all, he is your friend; you didn't know he liked you this way, and were being a good friend by chatting with him. Keeping in touch with a friend is only natural. I bet he would do the same if he was in your situation. Now try to tell him that calmly, and I truly wish that you too will clear it up together. Good luck.

    • Thanks I'm actually going to stop talking to that friend because I felt uncomfortable that he kissed me and I didn't like it at all

    • Okay then; you're most welcome. Best of luck.

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