How should I explain my feelings to this guy?

I am a freshman (high school) and this junior guy asked me to "hang out", so I guess that means he asked me out. He is from the sporty, "cool" clique of his grade, but he is kind of different from the rest of his friends. I am just a random freshman and we had one class together, which was ethics. He wants to hang out really late because he's older and he can stay out later. I decided I should probably get to know him a little better before we hang out. How should I tell him that?

How does this sound: " hey ( insert name here) I really like you and I wanna hang out with you but I kinda wanna get to know you a little first...that work for you?"

soo I said that to him and then he told me he really wasn't looking for a girlfriend and he just wanted to "hook-up" (make out, not sex) I kinda want to but I don't know how to tell him/ where and when to hook up...

any advice on this?!?!?!


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  • yeah you might be right that hanging out really late might not be the best thing yet for you and him to do as your pretty young , you might want to hang out with him abit at school first and get to know him , or do something some weekend during the day when its still bright out .


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