Guys, how many girls can you date in a year?

i always thought the normal thing for a guy to do is this:

1. once in a long while, i am talking no more than 2-3 times a year, he will come across a girl he likes who is available to him, and after some interaction, she doesn't mind his company
2. he will see her as a potential girlfriend, ask her out for a few dates, then soon they have sex then become a couple, or become a couple then have sex, or nothing happens and they break it off or become friends
3. if it works out the guy will stay with that girl, until it doesn't work anymore, either they cheat or it just doesn't work
4. then they guy move on and wait for the next girl to come along.

this is how i thought most guys operate.
but apparently, this is not how the real world works.

apparently, as a guy, the normal thing to do is to tirelessly try to get as many dates as you can with as many hot girls as you can, and you are supposed to go on date after date with different girls, have sex with them if you can, and then out of that bunch you might find a good girl as a girlfriend, or you just keep on finding more girls to date and sleep with.

and I getting it all wrong or what?

is a guy supposed to wait to find the right girl, like a sniper,
or is he supposed to go crazy and try to hit them all, like a machine gunner?


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  • can you, or should you? I have dated as many as 4 girls at the same time, and who knows how many in a year, but the reality is that once you connect you should start looking at exclusivity. I am not sure about the wait for the right girl approach as, it's hard to know if you have connected until you have spent some time together. And you might be letting a great girl go, while you wait for that "spark". But if it's working for you then all is good.

    • oh no i am not saying the wait strategy is working for me, that strategy hasn't work once in my whole life.
      i am saying maybe my whole concept of girls is completely wrong, that you don't set up a honey trap and wait for them to come, but you have to go out and go after every which one that you can and hope some of them will like you back.

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    • "it's about meeting new people and having fun" <---- yeah well, during my formative teenage years i moved around a lot and never got to establish a social circle, and I think I got burned by the few friends and girls that I met, and a bully, and I think that has made it really hard for me to open up to new people, there is always that sense of... inferiority? that this girl or guy has a better life and better friends than me, and I won't deserve to be in their life?

      meh... this is getting silly.

    • Yah, but part of being an adult is the ability to reinvent yourself. You no longer have the silly high school expectations, you can now be you, however you define it.

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  • I think guys are suppose to do a bit of both. Be a sniper with a semi automatic

  • Lol love this one. Honestly for me I'm the " sniper" type. But it's a long process

  • Between 180-200 a day

  • Be a sniper, not a lunatic running around with an smg


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