Are there any feelings in his heart too?

There's a guy whom I love. I gave him flowers, proposed him and even said many times to him, "I love you." He refused to marry me but he respects my feelings a lot and has never been rude towards me. He likes to call me as well and we talk for an hour and a half. He takes good care of me. He says I am a good girl and that I am just like a tree that gives fruit and shade. He even said to me, "You should not feel hurt. I have never rejected anybody in my life. I dont have any superiority complex. I am very down to earth. But there are certain traditions in my family." Many times, he said this to me, "I am also a man, I have feelings which every male has. I stay in shell with you (perhpas only you are a girl from which I am distant) as I dont want you to get hurt ever in your life due to me. If I open up, you're gonna get mad!" I feel that the guy loves me back too but due to his family he is not commiting to me. Is it true?
Not to mention, He had always given me secret glances. Sometimes when I looked at him, he turned his eyes aside. I have heard a man stares secretly at a woman if he likes her. Is it true? He still does it sometimes after I proposed.


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  • What's wrong with his family?

    • There are few families in my country which do not allow their sons to marry someone from outside their families.

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