How can I confess to her i'm a recovering heroin addict without losing her? I need her in my life?

Long story short, I've struggled with heroin addiction for years now, since I was a teenager and my mom made me shoot up with her. I cleaned up recently and I just got out of a rehab a month agoago, live with my uncle for now and I'm already dating this server I work with that I clicked with really fast when I got hired.
She's so beautiful, pure, a good parent and everything I am not. I never told her of my addiction and the real reason I live with my uncle and have a midnight curfew at my age. I was also taking methadone when I was on heroin before got clean. Now the only thing I take is suboxone prescribed to me by my doctor (it helps heroin addicts) to help slowly curb my appetites and cravings for opiates. I fell in love with her and if she won't understand or accept me I don't think I can continue keeping my nose clean without her in my life. She also doesn't know I have hepatitis C.


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  • Just tell her baby doll, secrets are like a poison when it comes to love. If she isn't okay with it then you have to move on. Only way to forgive your past is to be with people who can see beyond it.

    Good luck sweetpea


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  • You need to at least tell her out your illness but you can wait awhile to tell her about your addiction since u are not currently using

  • just tell her. be real. if she loves you she will stay if she goes she's not worth it.

    but ik... easy to say hard to do.

  • I wouldn't hold it against a man I'm dating (or a boyfriend). I'm a huge believer in honesty, especially when it comes to your SO. Many girls out there can look pass your past. What matters is the present and the future. You're obviously working on bettering yourself and that's good. That might be what she focuses on. You'll just have to take a shot and be honest with her. If she doesn't accept you, don't give up. You'll find someone who will accept you and love you.


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