What would you do in this awkward online dating position?

I've not had any dates in ages from online dating but now I have 2 girls, that I think are keen on meeting me, at the same time

So, what do you do in this position?


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  • If you have no preference and since it still didn't get serious with any of them. I suggest you give each one a chance. At least a first date, but don't make it an official date. Just coffee or a drink and a chat! See where it leads...

    • But the thing is I don't do boring dates like that

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    • What if the one I chose turns to shit? Can I then let you leave the friend zone?

    • It depends on the person. Must girls would give you another chance. You better now screw it, cause it's gonna be your last!

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  • Go out with them both and then choose one

  • meet both of them, and see who you like.


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