Do girls have all the power?

there are girls that like but it feels like they have more pull in this, like i have to keep trying , or convince them, i know they can always say no to a guy but I've rarely been in that situation myself. if i like someone im not going to turn them down if they show interest but it seems some girls do...


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  • The only way a person can have all the power is if they are the center of your universe and they control everything.

    Girls don't control shit in my life, they are nowhere near the center of my universe. My family is.

    So no, they don't have all the power.

    The only reason they have so much power is because you are giving it to them.


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  • thats easy because girls want to make it difficult for you so they don't look like a slut that is easy to get...

    • i get it but its aggravating ,

    • Depends how much you're interested in the girl. If she's worth it then put the extra effort...

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