Dating Black Girls?

I have two questions regarding dating black girls:

1. Do black girls want to be approached by white guys? If so, where is the ideal location and when is the ideal time? (Yes, I know that this is a broad, general question; just list personal preferences, if any)

2. When fooling around, what jokes are and are not acceptable to make? (ex: fine sista booty, "I like the dark chocolate", Thomas Jefferson jokes, etc.)

This question to anyone who want to voice a thought or opinion on the subject, regardless of ethnicity or gender.


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  • 1. Yes. I -personally, remember- like white guys over black guys. I really don't have a preference as to where and when. Class, at the student union, the dorm whatever, work. Just don't hit on a girl in a club and expect anything to come from it. Same thing usually for a bar.

    2. I personally don't like any of those stupid jokes, but I'm more white-washed than most. I do know girls who think it's okay but I know even more who think it's not. So, I wouldn't say any of them until she says something to you that makes it okay.

    • I wouldn't worry about bar scene because I'm still not old enough to drink. I was thinking the student union would be a good place, but I'm wasn't sure if they wanted to be bothered when relaxing between classes.

    • I know girls are complicated but you say 'they' as if black girls are a whole different species, lol. If you wouldn't mind being bothered, if white girls wouldn't mind being bothered then I probably wouldn't be either.

    • I was actually referring to women in general, regardless of ethicity. Many men will testify that women seem to be from another planet. Haha.

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  • Yeah I would like it but white guys never approach me. (So I assume that they think I'm ugly, I'm just not their type or they simply don't like black girls) It's impossible for us to know which white guys like black girls unless they show it and when they don't I just do not bother with them. I especially assume that really hot guys just want hot blondes..

    Don't make jokes like that, just make normal jokes that involve nothing to do with race or stereotypical stuff unless you become close and it becomes clear that she wouldn't mind.

    • For context, I make jokes about everything, even at my own expense. I joke about my english, irish, and russian heritage and the states that I have lived in.

      My joking of personal characteristics has helped me in the past. The last girl I dated, she was an engineer major; I would joke about how I had a thing for smart girls.

      I'm just curious if the Thomas Jefferson joke goes too far. My college buddies think they're pretty funny.

    • Well go for what feels natural then (as long as it isn't inappropriate.) As long as it's not you trying to put on an act to make her like you or anything then it should be fine to make those jokes, only do it if she is as comfortable with you as you are with her.

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  • Everyone wants to be approached and don't be a racist or you'll get slapped ;-)

    1) Yes - Anywhere/Anytime with exceptions (Ex. At a restaurant at 7pm after she's done eating and ready to pay for her meal, giving you the opportunity to have her join you for more interaction)

    2) Don't say anything racist unless you want to get slapped =)

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  • i've never dated any black girls before although I live in an area where there was not too many to begin with so yeah , I don't really have much advice on them

  • dont take her to kfc on the first date